Artist Statement

Nandita is enthralled by the natural world; beauty & colors inspire her to paint. She gets so deeply submerged in the process that she lets the feelings and emotions itself guide her to tell a story on canvas, paper, and objects.  Her style would be expressionism and abstract. Nandita uses ink, watercolors, acrylics, pencils and other mediums to add depth, multiple layers, textures, three dimensional effects, fine details to achieve the desired visual effects. The intention of her artworks and paintings is to bring the beauty of the outside world indoors .and it makes her happy when the story inspires and gives joy. As an artist and artisan she creates visual beautiful works that captivates the viewer.

As an energy healer she charges her artworks and artisan products with high vibrational positive energy.  She says, " she wants her clients to continue to receive the same joy and happiness she felt while creating all her artworks and products".