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Nandita Yedery

Welcome to my webpage. Experience The Magic of Colors & Healing 

I am an Ontario based artist, born, raised in India. I am a self trained artist, painter, artisan.  Academically I am a trained commercial artist. I am inspired and influenced by all traditional and tribal arts of India. My work is an amalgamation of new and old styles. I have another dimension to my personality.  I am a trained energy healing practitioner and have certification in many healing modalities. Here on this website under “Collection” you will see Artist, Artisan and Healing With Inspiration.

Art is my expression towards life, and I find the creating process calming, joyful, healing & rejuvenating.  I am often told that my paintings bright, colorful, and incredibly positive. Everyone connects with them; the viewer feels happy and can sense the energy.  As a painter and energy healer I know that colors can heal, every color in nature recharges us with higher vibrations.

My paintings are created with the same intention; to evoke such pleasant emotions.  Color has an eternal energy; every color speaks a message and evokes an emotion. I tell a story by creating it on paper, canvas or on objects with textures, and they have an amazing effect on the viewer. Some understand the message, or they like the story or composition or they get inspired. The intention of my artworks and paintings is to bring the beauty of the outside world indoors.

After moving to Canada, I started connecting with art groups, organizations and galleries and started exhibiting my work in this country. My paintings and artisan products are being noticed, appreciated, and have found nice homes.

I am so happy you dropped by today. Scroll through this website, Enjoy.  If you find something that you like, connect with me.

Let us bring this healing energy into your life.