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This is my first blog post and I want to share my profound experience which led me open up about my work as an energy healer.

Here I am sharing an image of my painting – Pink Lotus and Enlightenment

Art is my expression towards life, and I find the creating process calming, joyful, healing & rejuvenating.  I am often told that my paintings bright, colorful, and incredibly positive. Everyone connects with them; the viewer feels happy and can sense the energy.  As a painter and energy healer I know that colors can heal, every color in nature recharges us with higher vibrations. I would like to share some information about this painting which I have titled “Pink Lotus & Enlightenment’.

I turn to higher energetic beings and Source for guidance. This painting is a result of what I saw in my deep meditation. I had been dealing with some issues and needed answers and peace. I felt calm after the meditation and a assurance that everything will workout.  I saw that image in my 3rd eye. The colors and patterns gave me energy and intrigued me. this image stayed clear in my mind. I painted my vision and it spelled eternal bliss to me.

I would often gaze upon this painting, It inspired me to learn and find out the meaning. It intrigued me, I was keen to study the patterns and colors. . Is it a language of the light beings or is it symbolism? As a Reiki practitioner I was aware about color and spiritual relation. I was aware about chakra color association. But this message of patterns and colors took me further deeper in my research and study. Maybe it was a message for me to follow my path as a healer. To continue to learn under their guidance.

When ever I read the Archangels Tarot cards, message was that they are happy that I was on my right path. The advice would be to never give up, nor hide. My interest was piqued, I continued to learn symbolism, understand meaning and association it helps while reading cards and also when you are channeling distance reiki when you must totally rely on your psychic senses as the client is not near you to answer your immediate questions.

I would like to share some of the symbolism that instantly observe from this painting.

Lotus – A fully bloomed lotus means enlightenment; a pink lotus is seen as a sign of purity and devotion it also means represents creative power and purity amid adverse surroundings. The lotus is also associated with the system of the 7 chakras, the lotus flower is a symbol of the sun, creation, and rebirth.

8 Lotuses – express the blooming of the manifestation of any thing and being described by the eight compass and intermediary points symbolized by the (eight) spokes of the cosmic wheel or the (eight) directions of the wind.

14 petals of the lotus- 1+4 = 5.  What is number 5 meaning? I know it means “completion” in tarot, Angel number meaning for 5 means that major changes are coming to you. You should have faith and embrace these changes with all your heart and mind.

13 flowers – Secret guide or admirer

With 8 petals – eight petals signify the noble eightfold path to self-awakening.

Meaning of number 8 in angel number guidance-

8 avatars taken by Lord Ganapathi to protect life forms from self destructing habits.

8 is a symbol of infinity and constant flow of energy. Related to material wealth, success

4 Stars at the corners are the 4 Archangels four of the main archangels (Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel) are invoked as guarding the four quarters, or directions.

6-pointed star Hexagram in Latin, this is a 6-pointed star produced from two equilateral triangles. This is a symbol common to religion, history, and culture.  It has been a popular star for Jewish identity, Occultism, Hinduism, and Islam.

Purple color is the color of Archangel Michael, and the waves is the movement of this vibrational energy.

Deciphering the meaning of Colors seen in this painting from inside out, these are not the color representation of reiki, also mentioned here the reiki healing chakra location.

Color             Spiritual represents                                                    Chakra location   

Pink- Represents compassion, nurturing and love

Heart chakra

Green – Rebirth and renewal and immortality.


Heart chakra

White –Purity or innocence, a new beginning, or a fresh start;

Crown chakra

Purple - Creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, mystery and healing, courage


Third eye Chakra

Orange - Emotional balance, harmony, passion, freedom, intuition, and expression of emotions.


Sacral chakra

Red -       Stability, security, grounding, courage, physical and emotional survival


Root Chakra

Blue - Cool, calm, trust, integrity, honesty and grounded


Throat chakra

Yellow - Will - power and communication     


Solar plexus Chakra


These are my personal feelings and my interpretation of the visual message that I saw from during my deep meditation that I am sharing with you here today. But I must inform that I received the message, understood and I took comfort in it. It also helped me to evolve and get must skilled at understanding and receiving channeled information. 

So, getting back to my art and healing relations. All my artworks and paintings are created with the intention; to evoke pleasant emotions and bring bliss.  Color has an eternal energy; every color speaks a message and evokes an emotion. I tell a story by creating it on paper, canvas or on objects with textures, fine details and they have an amazing effect on the viewer. Some understand the message, they like the story or composition and some get inspired. The intention of my artworks and paintings is to bring the beauty of the outside world indoors.

I am so happy you dropped by today. Scroll through this webpage, enjoy. And If you find something that you like, please connect with me.

Let us bring this healing energy into your life.

Nandita Yedery

Art 4 U Boutique - Healing With Inspiration